Patient Portal Info!

Welcome to our patient portal!

In order to authenticate each parent/guardian with each child in a safe and secure way, you will be provided a secure, unique PIN for each child. Parents will register themselves for the portal and then use the patient PIN provided to add each child to their account. Please call our office to receive your PIN information. For more information regarding registration click on the following:

Complete Your Registration With Pin

If your child is over 18, your child will need to set up their own portal account and request to add a parent as a proxy account. Please see the following:

How to Add a Proxy for Adult Patient

If you registered with your information, but used your child's name instead of yours, please click here:

How to Edit Parent Demographics

We will not be using all of the features InteliChart has to offer just yet.  Some of them are not quite ready for ABC Pediatrics, Ltd. and some of them will not be implemented via our portal. Please call our office for any questions or concerns.

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