Transfer Care

Dr. Law is now open to accepting new patients transferring care from other practices as well as newborn babies and their families.  Our other providers are closed to patients transferring care, but open to accepting newborn babies and their families.  Dr. Gus Rousonelos is no longer accepting new patients. 

Before scheduling your first appointment, please send a copy of your child’s medical records with the following information to our office:

  • Immunization records   
  • Growth charts
  • Last well-child visit notes
  • Last sick visit notes
  • Problem list

You can fill out a medical records authorization form to be sent to the previous doctor's office authorizing them to release your child's medical records to us. 

You will be asked to do some basic paperwork at the time of your first office visit. Please allow 10 extra minutes before your appointment to complete this. You can fill them out before your first appointment by printing them from here or ask our front desk to email you our online forms.

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